Client Testimonials

Stacey gives it her all in every case that comes through her door, no matter what. She is absolutely brilliant and is always at home in the courtroom. Her clients always come first and she will fight for you until the very end! I really could not recommend her enough. Not only is she an incredible attorney, but she is an amazing friend as well. I am so lucky to know her.



Mike Q.

I went to Stacey in a time of need and she delivered everything she said she would. Stacey is a humble down to earth human and easy to talk to. I've had dealings with some attorneys in the past who sadly we're not down to earth or even easy to talk. Stacey I can't thank you enough.

Travis P.

Marvelous woman! Works wonders in the court room and intimately examines not only the case but the person attached to the case. I have 0 complaints.

Jarrett J.

I want to start off by saying this woman is awesome she believed in him when his public defender didnt this womas is like my family if u need a great lawyer who treats u like family Stacey is the one for you and her assistant is soooo awesome great people

Christine P.

Let me start off saying, if you need a criminal defense lawyer, CALL STACEY immediately. If you even 'think' you 'might' need a lawyer, CALL STACEY. Reasons why, my case was bad. I mean baaaaad. I made a mistake and talked too much with police. When I hired her, there was no hope. I was sure going to prison. The District Attorney's office made it very clear they wanted to go to trial, they swore they had a solid case. When I meet with her, she went over everything and immediately went to get the discovery and all information the state had. Stacey fought for me. She fought hard, she fought smart and she didnt back down from anyone. I was scared before I hired her but after I did, she took all the stress & pressure off of me. I trusted her with my life. She protected my rights. After tons of motion hearing and many arguements in court. She got me an amazing deal. I can say with a great deal of pride I had the best attorney. Shes top notch. Once you meet her, you will get it. Thank you Stacey!

Michala R.

Best Defense in Fayette County!! Small but powerful!!

Sharon A.