Stacey Flynn graduated in 2004 from Georgia State University College of Law. Ms. Flynn spent four years woking as a Public Defender in the Griffin and Coweta circuits before moving to the Georgia Capital Defender's Office to defend only death penalty cases. Stacey Flynn entered private practice in 2011 and opened her own firm in February of 2014. The goal of the practice is to provide friendly, fair and aggressive representation in a professional manner that involves the client in the case, rather than exclude them. Ms. Flynn has extensive litigation experience in all areas of criminal defense from county ordinance violations to capital murder; and everything in between. Ms. Flynn also handles all aspects of family law and juvenile matters. She has a particular passion for helping clients, and their families, who are dealing with mental health issues, including PTSD, mental retardation, traumatic brain injuries or issues relating to mental capacity and understanding.

Stacey has one of only two acquittals on a murder charge in Fayette County in over forty years. She has two further murder acquittals and three murder charges that were pled to lesser charges. She further has a murder case that was a mistrial with 11 to 1 for not guilty and was not further prosecuted by the State. In addition, Stacey, after two grueling years of tireless fighting, was able to have a Defendant in a Death Penalty case found guilty but mentally retarded for only the second time in the history of Georgia Law. She is a go getter, a pit bull, a non stop fighter for the rights, dignity, fairness and justice for all of her clients; regardless of race, gender, mental status, past history etc.

If your case is important to you, and if you want to be guaranteed a lawyer that loves what they do and will give you the best possible representation: if you want a lawyer that treats you like a friend rather than just another number; a lawyer that listens and cares, then call Stacey today.

Stacey lives in Peachtree City with her two sons, four dogs and cat, Phil. In her time away from work Stacey enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding horses, taking the dogs to the dog park, Geocaching and watching Soccer, U.F.C. and Michigan football.


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